Moana Jr.
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Moana Jr.

Date: May 20 - May 22, 2022

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Theatre Tulsa
This thrilling and heartwarming coming-of-age story follows the strong-willed Moana as she sets sail across the Pacific to save her village and discover the truth about her heritage. Moana and the legendary demigod Maui embark on an epic journey of self-discovery and camaraderie as both learn to harness the power that lies within.

Theatre Tulsa will also present a low-sensory adaptation of of this show on Sunday, May 22, at 11 a.m.

A sensory-friendly performance involves adapting technical aspects of a performance to provide a low-stimulation experience that minimizes any sounds, lighting effects, or onstage action that may trigger a negative response. Additional changes include updating the house rules for a particular performance, adapting the audience environment, creating alternative ticketing and seating arrangements, plus pre-theater preparatory activities so one can understand and anticipate what might happen at a performing arts experience.

The adaptations will be guided by Executive Director Jarrod Kopp and Nikki Anderson, a local special education teacher who is also a member of TT’s Board of Directors. Based on research with theatre colleagues across the US who have successful adaptive theatre programming, the team has created protocols to utilize similar best practices in Theatre Tulsa Academy productions. The protocols will be used to inform each production team and the Tulsa Performing Arts Center (PAC) staff on how to create a safe environment for a sensory-friendly theatre experience

An American Sign Language interpreter will also be at the adaptive performance to provide signing services to any hearing-impaired audiences.

For tickets to this low-sensory performance, please call our ticket office at 918-596-7111.
Moana Jr. at the Tulsa PAC
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