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Facility Grants

Each season the TPACT supports local non-profit arts groups with grants that pay the basic costs for using the Tulsa Performing Arts Center facility.


Organizational Qualifications

Any organization proposing to qualify for the Community Engagement Program (CEP) program must first meet the following criteria:

a. Organization must be incorporated in the State of Oklahoma;

b. Organization must have a permanent business address in Tulsa County;

c. Organization must have 501 (c)(3) status designated by Internal Revenue Service letter;

d. Organization must sell tickets through the TPACT box office;

e. Organization must have the production or presenting of a performing art as its principal purpose; and

f. Organization must reflect Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust mission.

Thereafter, the organization wishing to become eligible for the CEP program must annually apply to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust (TPACT) making such a request.

Usage Qualifications

1. An organization that meets the Organizational Qualifications will become eligible for the CEP program subsequent to its application by March 31 during any one fiscal year (defined as July 1 of a given year through June 30 of the immediately following year). Usage will furthermore be subject to the following criteria:

a. The rental of lobbies and other non-performance spaces shall not be eligible for grant.

b. Participants in the Frequent Local User Chapman (FLUC) program are not eligible for grant.

c. Usage must be for a performing arts event or related educational event that occurs at the PAC.

d. Fundraising events are not eligible for grant.

2. All groups deemed eligible for the CEP program shall be charged full non-profit performance and non-performance rates as established in the then current schedule of Rental Rates, Charges and Fees. All other charges remain negotiable between TPACT management and the using organizations.

Facility Grant Guidelines

1. Having first met all Organizational Qualifications, having met all Usage Qualifications and, subsequent to having properly requested and been granted eligibility by TPACT, an organization shall receive the grant from the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust as follows:

a. Only the renting of the three performing spaces in the PAC will able to receive a grant under the CEP program. Each organization qualifying for the CEP program shall remain fully liable for all other charges made to such organization in conjunction with its productions without any grant being applied to such other charges.

b. Facility grants may be used to cover rent, security, ticket office, ticket printing, PAC equipment, PAC stagehand fees, cleaning fees, in-house ushers and PAC permit fee.

c. Facility grants do not include credit card fees, ticket sales tax or additional stagehand (union) labor.

d. Facility grants can be utilized for multiple shows in a season, however, cannot go over Maximum Allowable Grant (MAG) for any organization the eligible fiscal year.

e. An organization’s Maximum Allowable Grant (MAG) is set forth as follows according to the primary space rented by such organization for its performances:

  • John H. Williams Theatre $10,000
  • Liddy Doenges/Westby Pavilion $8,000

d. A total of $40,000 in grants are available from the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust for distribution through this program. Once this total is reached in the aggregate for the CEP program in any given fiscal year, no further grants shall be available for the remainder of such fiscal year.

2. Payment of all settlements shall be made within ten (10) days of receipt. Settlements not paid within such time will have late charges added as set forth in the then current TPACT Rental Rates, Charges and Fees schedule. Any organization failing to pay a TPACT settlement in full within thirty (30) days of receipt shall be deemed ineligible for participation in the CEP program for the next 2 TPACT fiscal years. If a given organization had already qualified for and been receiving discounts through the CEP program, such organization shall, upon failing to pay a settlement in full within the thirty-day period, be deemed ineligible for further participation in the CEP program for the remainder of the then current TPACT fiscal year.

3. Any event that receives CEP grant must include the TPACT logo on marketing or include statement that “this event was made possible in part by a grant from TPACT."

Facility Grant Application

Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust
Due March 31 Annually
Non-Profit Status Is your organization a 501(c)3?

Guidelines I have read the guidelines.

Fundraiser Is this event a fundraiser for your organization?

Confirmed Dates Have you confirmed production dates with TPACT?

If not, please contact Terri McGilbra at tmcgilbra@tulsapac.com.
Tech Have you received tech estimates from TPACT?

If not, please contact Scott McLarty at smclarty@tulsapac.com.
Previous Grants Organization received a TPACT grant previously?

(Or put TBD if not known at application time)
Describe this event and its artistic components:
Tulsa PAC Trust Mission:

To be the catalyst for performing arts experiences by facilitating and delivering excellent local, national, and international programming for diverse audiences.

Explain how this event reflects the Trust mission:

Required Documentation:

  1. Facility Grant Application
  2. Organization Budget (most recently completed year, budget vs. actual)
  3. Organization 501c3 designation
  4. Tech estimate(s)

Emailed to tmcgilbra@tulsapac.com or Mailed to Tulsa PAC/ ATTN: Facility Grant / 110 E. 2nd Street, Tulsa, OK 74103

Application Review:

  • Facility Grant Applications will be reviewed by the TPACT Community Engagement Committee.
  • A representative from the requesting organization may be asked to make a presentation at the TPACT Community Engagement Committee meeting if more information is required.
  • If approved, the Community Engagement Committee forwards the application to the full Trust for consideration at its May meeting. The Trustees or Community Engagement members may choose to approve partial funding.
  • The proposal is not accepted until approved by the Trustees.
  • The requesting artist or organization will receive written notice of acceptance or denial of proposal within seven days of the May TPACT meeting date.
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