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Seating Charts

Chapman Music Hall

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John H. Williams Theatre

Liddy Doenges Theatre


Second Street Theatres (Williams Theatre, Doenges Theatre, Norman Theatre)

From 2nd Street -- To access the Williams, Doenges, and Norman Theatres use the north entrance located on 2nd street. If you need tickets for any of those spaces, the ticket office is located to your right. Take the grand staircase down – there you will find the entrances to the theaters, concessions, restroom, and drinking fountains. There is an elevator available through the hallway to the right of the staircase, and the theaters can be found on level ‘L’.

From the Parking Garage -- To access the Williams, Doenges, and Norman Theatres use the doors located on the north side of the garage. The doors on the Middle (Purple) and Lower (Blue) level open almost directly into the Lower Lobby space; please note, there are a small flight of stairs from each of these levels to the Lower Lobby. From the Upper (red) level, take the short flight of stairs, or the accessibility lift down. If you need to pick up or purchase tickets, follow the hallway to the ticket office, which will be located on your left. Take the elevator on your right to the ‘L’ level.

Third Street Theatres (Chapman Music Hall, Westby Pavilion, LaFortune Studio)

Chapman, from 3rd Street – To access the Chapman use the south entrance located on 3rd street. In the main lobby, you will find the Ticket Office, Coat Check, and the Restrooms along the back wall. The Main Bar is in the center of the lobby, and Concessions are located on the right and left hand side of the lobby doors. All three levels can be accessed from the two elevators found on the west wall (to your left as you enter the building). Orchestra on level ‘O’, Mezzanine on level ‘M’, and Balcony on level ‘B’. If you would rather, you may take either set of stairs to the Orchestra Level. The Mezzanine and Balcony level can only be accessed from the east stairwell (to your right as you enter the building).

Chapman, from Garage – Take the elevator on the south side of the parking garage to level ‘G’, then follow the ramp to the main lobby.

Promenade/Chapman from 2nd Street -- Follow the hallway to the right of the grand staircase, and take the elevator to Level ‘P’

Promenade from 3rd Street – Take the west staircase (to your left as you enter the building) up, and go through the glass doors.

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