All performances are postponed until after April 15. Stay tuned for additional details.
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On-Site Information


Second Street Theatres (Williams Theatre, Doenges Theatre, Norman Theatre)

From 2nd Street -- To access the Williams, Doenges, and Norman Theatres use the north entrance located on 2nd street. If you need tickets for any of those spaces, the ticket office is located to your right. Take the grand staircase down – there you will find the entrances to the theaters, concessions, restroom, and drinking fountains. There is an elevator available through the hallway to the right of the staircase, and the theaters can be found on level ‘L’.

From the Parking Garage -- To access the Williams, Doenges, and Norman Theatres use the doors located on the north side of the garage. The doors on the Middle (Purple) and Lower (Blue) level open almost directly into the Lower Lobby space; please note, there are a small flight of stairs from each of these levels to the Lower Lobby. From the Upper (red) level, take the short flight of stairs, or the accessibility lift down. If you need to pick up or purchase tickets, follow the hallway to the ticket office, which will be located on your left. Take the elevator on your right to the ‘L’ level.

Third Street Theatres (Chapman Music Hall, Westby Pavilion, LaFortune Studio)

Chapman, from 3rd Street – To access the Chapman use the south entrance located on 3rd street. In the main lobby, you will find the Ticket Office, Coat Check, and the Restrooms along the back wall. The Main Bar is in the center of the lobby, and Concessions are located on the right and left hand side of the lobby doors. All three levels can be accessed from the two elevators found on the west wall (to your left as you enter the building). Orchestra on level ‘O’, Mezzanine on level ‘M’, and Balcony on level ‘B’. If you would rather, you may take either set of stairs to the Orchestra Level. The Mezzanine and Balcony level can only be accessed from the east stairwell (to your right as you enter the building).

Chapman, from Garage – Take the elevator on the south side of the parking garage to level ‘G’, then follow the ramp to the main lobby.

Promenade/Chapman from 2nd Street -- Follow the hallway to the right of the grand staircase, and take the elevator to Level ‘P’

Assisted Listening Devices

The PAC has a Listen Technologies RF system to assist the deaf and hard of hearing. It is available at coat check for Chapman Music Hall events. Ask the house manager on duty for equipment for the Williams, Doenges and Norman Theatres. Devices are provided at no cost.

Coat Check/Binoculars

You may check your coat in the 3rd Street lobby of Chapman Music Hall for $.50 per item. There is no Coat Check available in the Williams lobby for events in the Williams, Doenges or Norman Theaters.

“Rhinoculars” are available for rent in the 3rd Street lobby for events such as opera, ballet and Broadway musicals. The rental cost is $5. For security, patrons must also leave a credit card or driver’s license.


Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, water and a variety of candy and are available for purchase in the PAC lobbies. Candy, bottled soft drinks and water with lids are allowed in all our theaters. In addition, drinks cups with snap-on lids are sold at the concession stands. Any drink item sold by the PAC is allowed in the theater in one of these cups. Our theaters have excellent acoustics. Please unwrap candy before a performance starts or during intermission.

Digital Devices

Please silence all cell phones and message systems before entering the theater. Please note that the opening and closing of cell phones and sending messages may disturb patrons and performers.

Emergency Contact

In order to find you quickly in an emergency, leave your seat location and the name of the event you are attending with caregivers. The PAC number to give to caregivers is the PAC Security Office phone line, (918) 596-7131.

Inclement Weather

The cancellation of performances, and refunds or exchanges due to bad weather, is decided upon by the presenting organization. The PAC will post cancellation notifications on its social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the PAC website.

Intermission Magazine/Programs

INTERMISSION is the official program for events held at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. This magazine contains short informational pieces about current and upcoming events as well as full-length stories, interviews and a Q&A each month. Performers and celebrities are among those featured. Information specific to the performance you are attending (if available) is inserted into the magazine. Program information specific to the event being attended is provided by presenting organizations and inserted into the magazine. The organization presenting the event may choose not to supply program information.

INTERMISSION content is managed by PAC staff. For questions or matters related to content or permission to reproduce, contact Editor Nancy Bizjack ( or Director of Marketing Adam J. Foreman ( To advertise in INTERMISSION, contact Langdon Publishing. ( or 918-585-9924, ext. 19.

Lost & Found

Should you misplace anything while at the PAC, please check with an usher or House Manager. If your item cannot be located before you leave the premises, or if you don’t know something is missing until later, you may call the PAC at (918) 596-7122. Items found in the theater are kept at the front desk in our administrative office, which is accessed from Second Street.

Photography/Recording Devices

Taking photos (with or without flash) and videos, or recording an event in any manner is prohibited. The taking of flash photographs may be dangerous for the performers. Recorders, cameras and cell phones with built-in cameras and other recording devices may be confiscated.


Restrooms are located on the balcony, mezzanine and Third Street lobby floors for Chapman events, and immediately adjacent to the John H. Williams Theatre lobby for events in the other theaters. A large suite of restrooms is located on the Promenade level. Chapman Music Hall patrons can exit the west doors of the theater for easy access.

Smoking/Other Considerations

The PAC is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking and vaping are not allowed nor is the use of chewing tobacco. Also, please be aware that many people are allergic to cologne and perfume. The PAC is a "no carry" facility.
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